Break-out Group Discussion on Recharge
2nd Annual Española Basin Workshop
March 5, 2003

Notes prepared by
Amy Lewis, Jemez Y Sangre Regional Water Planning Group

Summary of Comments

  1. Seepage studies which quantify the amount of water either discharging from the aquifer or recharging the aquifer are vital to understanding the flow components in a basin.
  2. Because estimating recharge in every mountain front is very difficult, estimating discharge to stream, springs and wells (combined with the change in storage) provide a better method of estimating recharge.
  3. Measure discharge at La Cienega and other springs in the region
  4. Increase the number of streamflow gages in the basin.
  5. Be cautious using flow data due to great uncertainty in stream flow measurements
  6. Use InSar and microgravity techniques to measure land surface deformation
  7. Use water quality analysis to identify recharge zones. Isotopes and general chemistry provide information about the conceptual mechanisms for recharge and for quantifying recharge.

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