General Interest Periodicals

Earth Matters
This publication is a semi-annual newsletter that is distributed free-of-charge to New Mexicans interested in the state’s water, landscapes, and earth resources. Each issue contains an informative article about an earth science topic of importance to our state, along with NM Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources (Bureau) news and highlighted current or upcoming publications. Back issues are available for download.
Lite Geology
Written in a format that is less technical than other publications of the Bureau, this publication is geared towards educators. However, it provides informative articles of interest to the general public as well. Included with the main articles are cartoons, puzzles, poetry, and other features designed to make learning fun. We also include information about teachers' resources, and upcoming geological and scientific events. If you live in the state of New Mexico, you can receive a free subscription to Lite Geology. Back issues are available for download.

We also publish a quarterly journal for regional research: New Mexico Geology, which is intended for a technical audience.