Nelia Dunbar

Annual Activity Report 2002

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Published Papers (prepare as complete reference citations and attach abstracts not previously submitted)

Connell, S., S. Cather, N. Dunbar, and W. McIntosh, Stratigraphy of the Tanos and Blackshare Formations (lower Santa Fe Group), Hagan embayment, Rio Grande rift, New Mexico, New Mexico Geology, 24 (4), 107-120, 2002.

Cooper, K.M., M.R. Reid, N.W. Dunbar, and W.C. McIntosh, Origin of mafic magmas beneath northwestern Tibet: Constraints from Th-230-U-238 disequilibria: art. no. 1065, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems ;, 3, 1065-1065, 2002.

Dunbar, N.W., 2002, History of the Geochronology of the Carrizozo Lava Flows, New Mexico Geol. Soc. Guidebook, 53, 6-8.

Dunbar, N., and Aster, R., 2002, How can earthquakes be useful?: Lite Geology, no. 24, p. 1-3.

Dunbar, N. W., Chapin, C. E., and Brandvold, L. A., 2002, Arsenic in New Mexico's Water, Earth Matters, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, 1-4.

Dunbar, N., and F. Phillips, Cosmogenic 36Cl ages of lava flows in the Zuni-Bandera volcanic field, north-central New Mexico, USA, 2003. New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources Bulletin, in press.

Dunbar, N., D. Voisins, and G. Zielinski, accepted, Tephra layers in the Siple and Taylor Dome Ice Cores, Antarctica: Correlations and Sources. Journal of Geophysical Research.

Hawley, R.L., E.D. Waddington, D.L. Morse, N.W. Dunbar, and G.A. Zielinski, in press, Dating firn cores by vertical strain measurements, Journal of Glaciology.

McLemore, V., Dunbar, N., Kosunen, P., Rämö, T., Heizler, M., and Haapala, I., in press, Geology and Geochemistry Of The Redrock Granite and Anorthosite Xenoliths (Proterozoic) in the Northern Burro Mountains, Grant County, New Mexico, USA: Bulletin of Geological Society of Finland. in press.

Papers Presented at Professional Meetings (including abstracts; cite as complete references and attach abstract)

Aster, R., S. Mah, S. McNamara, M. Ruiz, P. Kyle, W. McIntosh, and N. Dunbar, VLP-discriminated Strombolian event families and video observations at Mount Erebus, Antarctica, EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, 83, 2002.

Aster, R. C., Mah, S., Ruiz, M., D., F., DesMarais, E., Kyle, P., McIntosh, W., and Dunbar, N., 2002, Strombolian-eruption-associated Very Long-period Oscillations of Mount Erebus, Antarctica.: Seismological Society of America Annual Meeting Abstract Volume.

Dunbar, N., Origin of rhyolitic spherulites at Rockhound State Park, Gemstone Deposits of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region Abstract Volume, Sept. 7-10, 29-32, 2002.

Manger, W., A. Fallacaro, and N. Dunbar, Depositional setting, lithologic character, and origin of chert in the Boone Formation (Lower Mississippian), northern Arkansas, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Program, 34 (6), 554, 2002.


Reports and Miscellaneous Publications (Unpublished reports; include reports of contract research; open-file reports, etc.)

Contributions to the NMBG annual report, pages 10-11 and 14-15

Journals Edited


Seminars and/or Speaking Engagements

-Presented seminar on "Englacial tephrochronology and implications for history of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet" at U.S.G.S. Cascade Volcano Observatory, Jan. 3, 2002.

-Presentation for NMT Sigma Xi group- Logisitics of field work in Antarctica. Feb. 12, 2002

-Prepared presentation for "Research Day at Tech"


Research Contracts and Grants Awarded (only title, not amounts to be posted on internet)

A 700-year Tephrochronology of the Law Dome ice core, East Antarctica. Colloborative proposal with University of Maine funded by Office of Polar Program.

Service on Graduate Student Committees (list student and title of project and if you are major supervisor)

Committee member for Melanie Hartman (MS). Eruptive Geochemistry of Sheveluch Volcano, Kamchatka.

Committee member of Jean Wardel (PhD). Degassing systematics of Mt. Erebus, Antarctica.

Committee member for Patricia Frisch (MS). Study of As in waters in Socorro and Sierra Counties.

Committee member for Vladamir Isopolatov (PhD). Economic geology of

Committee member for Jesse Crain (MS). Radioactive isotope emissions from Mt. Erebus, Antarctica.

Committee member for Bonnie Frey (MS). Origin and history of Iron King volcanics.

Committee member for Jennifer Wilson (PhD). Fault processes within the Bandelier Tuff

Committee member for Wayne Sherwood (MST). Comparison of student benefits from Science Fair and Science Olympiad.

Committee member for Erin Phillips (MS). Geochronology of post-caldera rhyolite domes in the Valles Caldera

Committee member for Jessica Cox. Geochemical and Petrographic characteristics of upper mantle xenoliths of the southwestern United States.


Courses Taught

Geochem 575. Spring, 2002, Fall 2002. ATheory and Practice of Electron Microprobe Analysis@ class. 4 students during the spring semester, 4 during fall semester.

Continuing Education Courses Given/Taken


Service on Institute Committees


Service in Professional Societies (it is your choice whether you wish to include this information on internet site)

Member of American Geophysical Union

Member of Microbeam Analysis Society

Member of the Women in Mining Society

Member of New Mexico Microbeam Users Group


Service on Commissions/Councils/Boards

Member of the Editorial Board for the Antarctic Research Series

Member of the McMurdo Station Area User=s Committee.


Bureau Service Projects Active This Period

-Member of Kottlowski fellowship selection committee

-Member of search committee for Bureau karst hydrology postion.

-Member of Bill Raatz tenure committee

-Co-organizer of Bureau/E&ES seminar series

-Construction and maintenance of Carrizozo Malpais website

-Bureau Equipment Committee member

-Member of the Geological Editorial Board for Lite Geology

-Assisting numerous Bureau researchers and students with sample preparation for, and collection and presentation of electron microprobe and scanning electron microscope analyses.

-Providing tours of the electron microprobe facility for New Mexico Tech alumni, New Mexico Tech classes, and visiting educational groups.

-Answering various phone calls and other inquiries about volcanoes, earthquakes, and other aspects of New Mexico geology.

-Provided letters of support and information for Bureau proposals, particularly relative to electron microprobe laboratory.


Research Projects Active This Period

*Tephrochronology, chemical fingerprinting, and correlation of tephra layers in ancestral Rio Grande sediments. (in conjunction with D. Love, S. Connell, S. Cather, W. McIntosh, and others)

*Chemical and mineralogical characterization of the Red Rocks Granite, Burro Mtns, New Mexico (in conjunction with V. McLemore and other)

*Characterization of the mineralogy of the Victorio Mountain skarn (in conjunction w/ V. McLemore)

*Exposure-age dating of young basalts in New Mexico.

*Investigation of the eruptive history, chemical composition, magmatic evolution, and chronology of the Los Lunas Volcano, New Mexico. Collaborative research w/ D. Love, W. McIntosh, K. Panter.

*Englacial tephrochronology of blue ice areas of Antarctica: Implication to ice sheet history and ice-bound climate records.

*Tephrochronology of the Siple and Taylor Dome Ice Cores.



Public Service/Education and Outreach

-Presentation for "Girls Get it together" group. Feb 5, 2002

-Judge for State Science Olympiad Feb 23, 2002

-Lead field trip for "Aim High" to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks area March 22, 2002

-Lead field trip for UNM advanced volcanology course to the Carrizozo Malpais. April 14, 2002.

-Assisting numerous non-Bureau researchers and students with sample preparation for, and collection and presentation of electron microprobe and scanning electron microscope analyses. Also, assisted researchers at other institutions with electron microprobe questions.

-Provided tours of the electron microprobe facility for New Mexico Tech alumni, New Mexico Tech classes, visiting prospective students, and other educational groups.

-Answering various phone calls and other inquiries about volcanoes, earthquakes, and other aspects of New Mexico geology.

-Giving talks about geology to school groups.

-Adjunct Appointment to E&ES Department

-Provided letters of support and information for non-Bureau proposals, particularly relative to electron microprobe laboratory.


Papers and Proposals Reviewed

Review of McLemore et al., Geology and Geochemistry of the ...McGregor Range. For NMGS guidebook.

Uranium-Series Chronology and Cosmogenic 10Be-36Cl Record of Antarctic Ice.

Goldstein, Steven J; Murrell, Michael T, Nishiizumi, Kunihiko, and Nunn, Andrew J.1

Reviewed for Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta, April 2002.

Acquisition of a Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Geological Research. Reviewed for NSF.

Acquisition and Development of Two ICP Instruments: Continuous Ice Core Elemental Analyses and Other Environmental Applications. Reviewed for NSF

Understanding phreatoplinian volcanism: the case study of the 1875 eruption of Askja volcano, Iceland. Reviewed for NSF

Tephrostratigraphy and tephrochronology in the Philippi peat basin, Macedonia, Northern Hellas

Karen St. Seymour, Kimon Christanis, Stephanos Papazisimou, Antonis Bouzinos, George Papatheodorou. Reviewed for GSA Bulletin.

Long-term History of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Reviewed for NSF

New methods for determining the fH2O and fO2 contents of magmas by measuring the Fe3+/Fe+2 and H content of minerals and glasses. Reviewed for NSF.

Stable isotopes of Cl, including improved analytical methods, experimental studies, and finally, analyses of Cl isotopes in a natural magmatic system, Somma-Vesuvius. Reviewed for NSF.


-Lite Geology articles.

-A number of informal reviews for colleagues and students