Nelia Dunbar

Semi-annual activity report (June 1, 1998-Dec 31, 1998)


Harvey, R. P., Dunbar, N. W., McIntosh, W. C., Esser, P. R., Nishiizumi, K., and Taylor, S., 1998, A meteoritic event recorded in Antarctic Ice: Geology, v. 26, p. 607-610.

Papers presented at professional meetings:

Dunbar, N.W., McIntosh, W.C., Esser, R.P., Wilch, T.I., Zielinski, G.A., 1998, Direct dating and geochemical correlations of englacial tephra layers at two sites in West Antarctica: Chapman Conference on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Orono, Maine, Sept. 13-18

Campbell, A. R., Wilson, S. A., and Dunbar, N. W., 1998, Solid inclusions of halite in quartz: evidence for the halite trend.. in PACROFI VII, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, p. 21.

Eschenbacher, A. J., Kyle, P. R., Lowenstern, J., and Dunbar, N. W., 1998, Melt inclusion investigation of the volatile behavior of fractionating, alkaline, magma, Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica, in PACROFI VII, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, p. 30.

Eschenbacher, A. J., Kyle, P. R., Lowenstern, J., and Dunbar, N. W., 1998, Pre-eruptive volatile contents of an evolving, alkaline, magma system, Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica, in IAVCEI International Volcanological Congress, Cape Town, p. 18.

Zielinksi, G., and Dunbar, N., 1998, Volcanic Record from the Siple and Taylor Domes, Antarctica, in WAISCORES Meeting, Sept. 10, 1998, Orono, Maine.



Presentation on the West Antarctic Ice and Climate given to the International United Nations community (MINURSO) in Laayoun, Western Sahara.

Research Contracts and Grants Awarded:

Examination of the 500,000-year climate record in ice at Mt. Moulton, West Antarctica. $139,475 awarded by NSF

Research Contracts and Grant Proposed:

Chronology and Geochemistry of volcanic eruptions from the Jemez Mountains volcanic field: Implications for volcanic recurrence intervals and records of climatic variation in New Mexico. Submitted to NUCOR

Graduate Student Projects
Committee member for Sarah Wilson's M.S. thesis project on "40Ar/39Ar dating of fluid inclusions"

Committee member for Natalie Latysh's M.S. thesis project on "Evolution and Structure of the Colorado Plateau

Committee member for Alan Eschenbacher's M.S. thesis project on "Volatile evolution of Mount Erebus Magma.

Committee member for Peter Rinkleff's M.S. thesis project on "Geochemical and petrologic evolution of the Kuril Lake Caldera Ignimbrite, Kamchatka, Russia: Implications for magma chamber zonation and caldera formation.

Committee member for Lisa Laumann's M.S. thesis project on "Statistical methods in tephrochronology"

Committee member for Jerzy Kulis's PhD thesis project on infrared microscopic and geochemical analysis of pyrite.


Courses Taught:
Geochem 589. Fall, 1998. "Theory and Practice of Electron Microprobe Analysis" class. 9 students during the fall semester.

Bureau Service Projects:
Bureau Equipment Committee member
Member of the Geological Editorial Board for Lite Geology
Geochemistry research group organizer

Active Research Projects:
*Chemical and mineralogical alteration associated with potassium metasomatism in the Socorro, NM area

*Dating of mineralization in the Capitan pluton using Ar-40/Ar-39

*Tephrochronology, chemical fingerprinting, and correlation of tephra layers in ancestral Rio Grande sediments.

*Exposure-age dating of young basalts in the Zuni-Bandera Volcanic field.

*Investigation of the pre-eruptive volatile composition and chemistry of the Peralta Tuff, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico. Collaborative research with T. Spell and L. Justet, UNLV.

*Investigation of the eruptive history, chemical composition, magmatic evolution, and chronology of the Los Lunas Volcano, New Mexico. Collaborative research w/ D. Love, W. McIntosh, K. Panter.

*Uplift rates of the Tibetan plateau

*Tephras in blue ice areas of Antarctica

*Geochemistry and mineralogy of El Porticito segregation veins


Public service/education and other accomplishments

-Assisting numerous researchers and students with sample preparation for, and collection and presentation of electron microprobe and scanning electron microscope analyses.

-Providing tours of the electron microprobe facility for New Mexico Tech alumni, New Mexico Tech classes, and visiting educational groups.

-Adjunct Appointment to E&ES Department, serving as adjunct representative for appointment of the next E&ES Department Chair.

-Assistance of Park Service in preparation of displays for the new "City of Rocks" State Park visitor center.

-Answering various phone calls and other inquiries about volcanoes, earthquakes, and other aspects of New Mexico geology.