Nelia Dunbar

Semi-annual activity report (July 1, 2000- December 31, 2000)

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Published Papers (prepare as complete reference citations and attach abstracts not previously submitted)

Campbell, A.R., Lundberg, S.A..W., Dunbar, N.W., 2000. Solid inclusions of halite in quartz: Evidence for the halite trend. Chemical Geology, in press.

Ennis, D.J., Dunbar, N.W., Campbell, A.R., and Chapin, C.E., 1999. The effects of K-metasomatism on on the mineralogy and geochemistry of silicic ignimbrites near Socorro, New Mexico. Chemical Geology, 167, 285-312 .

McLemore, V., Dunbar, N., and McIntosh, W., 2000, Rockhound State Park and Spring Canyon Recreation Area: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, v. 51, p. 33-34.

McLemore, V., and Dunbar, N., 2000, Rockhound State Park and Spring Canyon Recreation Area: New Mexico Geology, v. 22, no. 3, p. 66-71.

McLemore, V. T., Dunbar, N., Heizler, M. T., and Donahue, K., 2000, Geology and mineral deposits of the Victorio Mining district, Luna County, New Mexico: Preliminary observations: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, v. 51, p. 267-278.

Wardell, L., Kyle, P., Dunbar, N., and Christenson, B., 2000, White Island Volcano, New Zealand: Carbon dioxide and sulfur emission rates, and melt inclusions studies: Chemical Geology, in press.


Books (written or edited)


Papers Presented at Professional Meetings (including abstracts; cite as complete references and attach abstract)

Dunbar, N., and McLemore, V., 2000b. The origin of rhyolitic spherulites at Rockhound State Park. Presented at Twentyfirst annual New Mexico Mineral Symposium.

Phillips, F., McIntosh, W., and Dunbar, N., 2000, Extensional collapse of the Owens Valley during the late Pliocene: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Program, v. 32, no. 7, p. A507.

Wardell, L. J., Kyle, P.R., Dunbar, N., Christiansen, B. ., 2000, White Island volcano, New Zealand: Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide flux measurements and melt inclusion studies.: IAVCEI General Assembly, Bali, July 2000. Abstract Volume., p. 190.

Winick, J., McIntosh, W., and Dunbar, N., 2000, The implications of melt inclusion hosted excess argon (40ArE) to the study of silicic magma systems and the 40Ar/39Ar dating method: EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, v. 81, no. 48, p. F1387.


Reports and Miscellaneous Publications (Unpublished reports; include reports of contract research; open-file reports, etc.)

Journals Edited


Seminars (speaking engagements)

Rockin' around New Mexico workshop- July 6, 7, 8. Lead day on Zuni-Bandera Malpais and oversaw preparation of the "Virtual field trip" on the Zuni-Bandera Malpais (

Presented microprobe talk and lab visit for "Geochemistry of Soils" workshop. August 8, 9 and 10.

Lead Los Alamos Geological Society field trip to Peralta Canyon, August 12, 2000.

Presented seminar at Arizona State University, September 27.

Presented annual meeting address for the AWomen in Mining@ association. Denver, CO. Oct. 25, 2000

Organized electron microprobe workshop on monazite dating. Nov. 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Research Contracts and Grants Awarded (only title, not amounts to be posted on internet)


Research Contracts and Grants Proposed


Awards and Other Recognitions


Service on Graduate Student Committees (list student and title of project and if you are major supervisor)

Co-advisor for Jeff Winick (MS). Ar chronology and geochemical analysis of the Bandelier Tuffs.

Committee member for Chris Harpel (MS). Englacial tephrochronology in Antarctica

Committee member for Patricia Frisch (MS). Study of As in waters in Socorro and Sierra Counties. Committee member for Jesse Crain (MS). Radioactive isotope emissions from Mt. Erebus, Antarctica.

Committee member for Richard Law (MS). Correlation spectrometer measurements of gas emissions for the Karymsky volcano, Kamchatka.

Committee member for Shelley Rourke (M.S.). Kamchatka tephrochronology

Committee member for Stephanie Bell (MS) Major and trace element geochemistry from the Rio Negro-Juruena Orogen, Western Amazonia

Committee member for Bonnie Frey (MS) Geologic and geochemical analysis of the basalts of the Iron King Formation, a possible accreted oceanic plateau in west central Arizona.

Committee member for Daniel Voisins (MS, University of New Hampshire). Volcanic record in the Siple Dome Core, West Antarctica

Courses Taught

Geochem 589. Fall, 2000. "Theory and Practice of Electron Microprobe Analysis" class. 8 students during the spring semester.

Continuing Education Courses Given/Taken


Service on Institute Committees


Service in Professional Societies

Member of American Geophysical Union

Member of Microbeam Analysis Society

Service on Commissions/Councils/Boards

Member of the Editorial Board for the Antarctic Research Series

Member of the McMurdo Station Area User's Committee.

Bureau Service Projects Active This Period

Member of "Field Trip for Decision Makers" group

Bureau Equipment Committee member

Committee member for purchase of Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)..

Member of the Geological Editorial Board for Lite Geology

Member of the Bureau Strategic Planning Group

Produced poster for Mining Association Meeting

!Research Projects Active This Period

*Tephrochronology, chemical fingerprinting, and correlation of tephra layers in ancestral Rio Grande sediments.

*Chemical and mineralogical alteration associated with potassium metasomatism in the Socorro, NM area

*Characterization of the mineralogy of the Victorio Mountain skarn

*Exposure-age dating of young basalts in New Mexico.

*Investigation of the eruptive history, chemical composition, magmatic evolution, and chronology of the Los Lunas Volcano, New Mexico. Collaborative research w/ D. Love, W. McIntosh, K. Panter.

*Englacial tephrochronology of blue ice areas of Antarctica: Implication to ice sheet history and ice-bound climate records.

!Public Service/Education and Other Accomplishments

-Assisting numerous researchers and students with sample preparation for, and collection and presentation of electron microprobe and scanning electron microscope analyses. Also, assisted researchers at other institutions with electron microprobe questions.

-Maintancence of Carrizozo Malpais website

-Oversight and preparation of the "Virtual Field Trip to the Zuni-Bandera Malpais".

-Providing tours of the electron microprobe facility for New Mexico Tech alumni, New Mexico Tech classes, and visiting educational groups.

-Adjunct Appointment to E&ES Department

-Member of E&ES website planning committee

-Assistance of Park Service in preparation of displays for the new "Rockhound" State Park visitor center.

-Answering various phone calls and other inquiries about volcanoes, earthquakes, and other aspects of New Mexico geology.

-Giving talks about geology to school groups.

-Provided letters of support and information for proposals, particularly relative to electron microprobe laboratory.

-Attended New Mexico Microbeam Users Group meetings.

Papers and Proposals Reviewed

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