View north from the south side of McKittrick Canyon along the Capitan reef escarpment. Note the
massive, triangular spur of cemented reef and uppermost forereef near the top left with minor over-
lying shelf deposits. Most of the central part of the photograph shows steeply dipping fore-reef
talus beds. The dip angles of these beds lessen downslope until they roll over into Delaware
basin-floor deposits at the far right.

© Peter A. Scholle, 1999

You can also see a QuickTime VR panoramic view of the McKittrick Canyon area if you have
the correct viewers (and some patience) — it is available as a large version (1.1 MB file)
and a smaller version (540 KB file). If you do not have the latest QuickTime player, you
can download it at no cost at the Apple QuickTime Web site. On the QuickTime movie,
hold down the mouse over the image and move it in the direction you wish to pan.


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