Interpreted oblique aerial photograph centered on Shumard Peak on the west face of the Guadalupe Mountains,
Culberson Co., Texas. Photograph was taken from an elevation of approximately 2 km looking east-northeast
and shows ca. 1 to 1.3 km of Leonardian and Guadalupian section. Note onlap of Brushy Canyon and Cherry
Canyon Ss. and large-scale progradation of Goat Seep and Capitan reef/fore-reef strata. The lower part
of the section also shows progradational sequence of the Victorio Peak shelf dolomite over darker,
Leonardian Bone Spring Ls. (unlabeled). SB = Sequence boundary.
Photo courtesy of J.F. Sarg and Exxon Production Research Co.

© Peter A. Scholle, 1999

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