You will see a west-to-east QuickTime movie panorama of the
south end of the Guadalupe Mountains in the space above if you have the
correct viewers (QuickTime 3 or higher) and some patience — the program should
pick the appropriate movie size for your internet connection. You can, however,
pick either the large version (756 KB file) or the smaller version (200 KB file).

If you do not have the latest QuickTime player, you
can download it at no cost at the Apple QuickTime Web site.

The panorama begins with the basinal sandstones and siltstones of the Brushy Canyon
and Cherry Canyon formations in the foregraound with massive foreslope carbonates of the
Capitan Formation on El Capitan peak overlying (with progradational downlap contact) the
older basinal clastics. If you stop the movie at about the half-way point you can clearly see
the flattening of bedding from the Permian Capitan forereef facies at the left (ca. 35 degree
dips) to the basinal Bell Canyon clastic at the right with virtually no dip. The movie ends
with a nearly purely clastic section of the northern Delaware Mountains
(and the former Delaware Basin).

© Peter A. Scholle, 1999


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