revised: 05-Feb-2015

NMBGMR Draft Geologic Data Model - v. 1.0.4
Cross Sections: Faults

In the interests of standardization and interoperability, we are migrating our geologic maps into the USGS NCGMP09 data model. However, our well data model is still actively being used. Documentation for the NMBGMR geology data model is being provided for users with legacy data in this model. We also hope that it will provoke discussion in the ongoing effort to improve NCGMP09 and other models.

Feature Class: XsectSymbl

This feature class represents geologic symbols portrayed on a cross section like fault movement directions.

Field Name Field Alias Length
(text fields)
Field Type Field Value Default Allow Nulls? Attributes / Examples Description / Notes
FGDC_code " 16 String variable [null] TRUE 30.3.12 FGDC geologic symbol reference number.
SymblClass SymbolClass 16 String CVD ? TRUE [null], dextral, sinistral, text, query, away, toward, etc.
see: FaultSymbolClass
Class of symbol.
SymbolType " 16 String variable [null] TRUE as needed  
SymSubType SymbolSubType 16 String variable [null] TRUE as needed  
Queried "   Short Integer binary no FALSE 1=yes/TRUE, 0=no/FALSE used to add a query to a symbol.
RotaAngle RotationAngle   Short Integer variable [null] TRUE 45, 278 Symbol rotation angle
SymbolText " 50 String variable [null] TRUE annotation text use when you need a text comment (set SymbolClass to 'text')
Comments " 255 String variable [null] TRUE description