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Manager - Education Outreach

Socorro, NM

SALARY RANGE: $35,000 - $40,000


The main focus of this job is to be the outreach coordinator for the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (the state geological survey), and in this capacity, to support outreach programs, publishing tasks, and dissemination of information. This job consists of a number of components, described below. Develop, coordinate, and conduct geology workshops for teachers. Interface with course instructors and Masters of Science Teaching Program to facilitate course credit. Recruit, register, and assist teachers who participate in workshops. Assist in developing, reviewing, and preparing curriculum and materials for outreach courses. Write proposals to funding support, track expenses, submit grant reports. Provide teacher in-service training at teacher conferences. Attend open houses for teachers; provide curriculum materials, contact information, and networking support. Develop and coordinate outreach events. Develop and present displays at Earth Science Day at the Legislature, and other public gatherings. Coordinate Earth Science Week activities. Develop communication channels with educators in the state through membership or by serving on committees and boards of organizations such as NM Science Teachers Association, or the Environmental Education Association of New Mexico, among others. Develop working partnerships with NM Museum of Natural History and Science, government agencies such as NM Department of Public Safety, NM Mining and Minerals Department, etc., and schools; seek funding for programs. Assist visitors to the Bureau or Mineral Museum as needed. Compile, edit, and publish Lite Geology, a non-technical geological publication for educators and the public. Participate in developing ideas for the Bureau’s scientific publication efforts. Compile, edit and publish other public information documents as needed. Serve as co-administrator on Bureau Facebook page. Post original and shared content. Monitor comments, content and statistics on page followers.


The applicant must have a Bachelors’ degree in an Earth or Natural Science related field OR Master’s degree in Earth, Environmental, Life Science related field or Masters of Science for Teachers. Classroom experience would be desired, but not required. Knowledge of basic and earth sciences and ability to communicate verbally and in written form about science issues and events. Skills in organizing and coordinating programs and events required. Skills in networking and support for programs shared with other agencies, schools, and organizations desired. Skills in handling requests for information and other resources available at the Bureau desired. Experience in the publication of educational and/or scientific books and papers desired.

To apply, see the official NMT position announcement and application instructions.

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