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Petroleum Geologist

Socorro, NM

JOB DUTIES: This job involves research and service work in petroleum and subsurface geology. We are seeking an individual who has entry level experience in the area of petroleum and subsurface geology, and will focus research largely on topics that are relevant to geological problems in New Mexico. Preparation of papers and presentation of work at meetings will be an important component of this job. The position also includes a service component which could involve, for example, examining well logs, drill cuttings and cores, answering questions on petroleum resources and subsurface geology for the public, industry geologists, researchers and regulatory professionals, as well as preparing outreach materials for Bureau of Geology use. Interaction and collaboration with research and academic divisions at NM Tech, including the Petroleum Recovery Research Center, Earth and Environmental Science and Petroleum Engineering departments is anticipated and should be tailored to the expertise and interests of the applicant and align with the Bureau’s mission. This could include advising of graduate students, serving on thesis committees, and collaborative research. Some outreach to local and regional geological societies is expected.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s degree in geoscience with specialization in petroleum geology required. Ph.D. desired with emphasis in stratigraphic or sedimentary geology. If applicant has MS, but not PhD, then 1 year of industry, relevant USGS or relevant state geological survey experience will be required. Petroleum reservoir characterization, description and analysis desired. A valid NM Driver’s License will be needed, as well as the ability to obtain a defensive driving course. Ability to occasionally carry out field work in remote areas with rough terrain will be necessary. Membership in relevant national and local or regional geological societies is desirable.

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