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Hydrogeologist/GIS Specialist

Socorro, NM

Job Summary:

The position requires the initiative for self-directed technical support of the New Mexico Geologic Mapping and Aquifer Mapping Programs. Duties may include (but are not limited to): utilizing GIS software, use of graphic design programs (Adobe Illustrator), use of database software, technical writing and preparation of summaries of geologic/hydrologic reports, and providing technical support for other staff scientists. Experience in spatial statistics (kriging, trend fitting, cluster-analysis) and managing regional databases (through Access or ArcGIS relational feature classes) is a plus. Position is supported by soft money contracts; position is contingent on continued contract awards.

Job Functions:

  • Assist in the production of 3D digital geologic and hydrologic maps and derivative products in ArcGIS and Illustrator 60%
  • Perform mapping and data analysis tasks, including spatial analysis, three dimensional volume and hydrogeologic parameter calculations 20%
  • Condense detailed geologic and hydrologic reports into nontechnical summaries and map captions 10%
  • Maintain geodatabases, geodatabase layers, associated attribute information, and metadata 5%
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of spatial data and database records, whether acquired or produced in house 5%

Standards of Performance:

  • Timely and accurate completion and delivery of GIS-based and derivative map projects that address specific geologic problems or needs of the Bureau of Geology.
  • Constructive interaction and collaboration with staff, researchers at other institutions, students, consulting personnel, and private individuals to further the state of geologic knowledge of New Mexico.
  • Positive feedback from the public, staff, and others regarding the public dissemination of geologic information via the internet, correspondence, and personal interaction.

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