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Field Geologist (Bedrock Mapper)

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Socorro, NM

The New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources is seeking a Geologist to join our Geologic Mapping Program. Applicants with the aptitude and technical skills to manage fieldwork, data, and databases generated as part of each project, and a strong desire and ability to conduct field-based bedrock geologic mapping are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will participate as a team member in field-based geologic projects, and work with senior geologists in generating geologic maps and associated data, and ensure geologic and geospatial data is collected to program specifications. Duties may include (but are not limited to): extensive field mapping, utilizing GIS software, use of graphic design programs (such as Adobe Illustrator), use of database software, technical writing and preparation of summaries of geologic reports. Field studies will focus on geologic mapping of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic bedrock units, including detailed characterization of volcanic, sedimentological, metamorphic, structural, and in some cases geotechnical features. The successful candidate will interact with citizens and agencies concerning geology. This position will work within the NM STATEMAP program and is considered a regular full-time position that is partially supported by soft-money contracts contingent upon future funding availability.

Master’s degree, area of study: Geology required. Geologic mapping of bedrock units including volcanic and sedimentary rocks required. Geologic interpretation of complex geologic field relationships based on field- based research and subsurface data required. Ability to write professional reports required. Knowledge of stratigraphy and structural geology required. Computer skills required. Knowledge of and ability to work with GIS applications required. Familiarity with geology of New Mexico desired. Ph.D. in Geology or related field of study desired.

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Application details are available on the New Mexico Tech (NMT) jobs page.

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