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Mineralogist/Senior Mineral Museum Curator

The New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR), a research division of New Mexico Tech, is the geological survey for the state. The advertised position serves as the Mineral Museum director and more informally as the state mineralogist for New Mexico. One of the main responsibilities of the job is directing the activities of our world- class Mineral Museum and adhering to the approved policies and procedures for its operation. The mineralogist oversees the development of the collections and displays on campus, at state facilities, and for traveling exhibitions. The collections of the museum are available for research to scientists from around the world. Development of funding and financial oversight of a cost center, gift fund, and endowment is expected. The mineralogist also serves as the general chair for the annual New Mexico Mineral Symposium, one of the largest in the nation.

The prospective candidate also conducts original and applied research in the fields of mineralogy and/or economic geology and provides information for a wide range of people, from professional geoscientists, mineral enthusiasts, to the general public. Dissemination of new research and information is accomplished through personal interactions, public education, publications (technical and general audience), and by hosting and attending professional meetings. Original research and scientific publications sustained by the pursuit of internal and external grants and contracts is expected. Extensive interaction with the public is expected.

Management responsibilities for this position include three staff positions and programs. 1) The Curator of the Museum helps the mineralogist manage the Mineral Museum, events and collections and operates the X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory. 2) The Manager of the Geologic Information Center is the main archivist for public geologic information. And 3) the Geologic Outreach Coordinator handles much of the bureau's K-12 outreach programs. These positions all work together to promote and accomplish the educational and archival responsibilities found in the enabling legislation for the Bureau. The Mineralogist helps coordinate the activities of these collections and programs and student staff members.

Ph.D. or other doctorate level equivalent. - Area of study: Economic Geology/Mineralogy or related field. Mineralogy and/or Geochemistry required. Marketing and Purchasing experience desired. Analytical Geochemistry (X-ray diffraction) required. Interpersonal skills required. Museum security codes, State Driver’s License with safety instruction, Lab Safety Instruction required upon hiring.

For questions about this position please contact Dr. J. Michael Timmons ( Applicants are expected to submit a CV and a letter of interest. The letter could explain your previous research experience, your interest in this position, and your vision for the bureau's Mineral Museum and for new collaborative research.

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