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New Paper on Carbonatites Coauthored by Dr. Virginia McLemore

Carbonatite dike in the Lemitar Mountains, near Socorro
(click for a larger version)

July 28, 2021

This new paper presents the results of petrography, chemistry, and stable isotopes of four silicocarbonatites from rift settings (Lemitar Mts, New Mexico; Iron Hill, Colo, Sukulu and Tororo,Uganda) and presents a model that explains the origin of silicocarbonatites from parental carbonated silicate melts vis liquid immiscibility. This study explains the link between silicate and carbonatite melts found throughout the world.

Ackerman, L., Rapprich, V., Polák, L., Magna, T., McLemore, V.T., Pour, O., and ?ejková, B., 2021, Petrogenesis of silica-rich carbonatites from continental rift settings: a missing link between carbonatites and carbonated silicate melts? Journal of Geosciences, v. 66 (2021), issue 2, p. 71 – 87 DOI:,

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