Break-out Group Discussion of Geologic Mapping, Borehole and Subsurface Studies
2nd Annual Española Basin Workshop
March 5, 2003

Notes prepared by
David Sawyer and Tien Grauch, U. S. Geological Survey, Denver

Summary of Needs

  1. More boreholes are needed in eastern part of Española basin

    1. Acquire lithologic and hydrologic information from wells and relate to map units in the Tesuque Formation
    2. Acquire paired corehole plus well for hydrologic test and geophysical logs
    3. Use a subcommittee to develop criteria for siting wells, such as areas that are representative of the hydrostratigraphy, away from faults, etc.
    4. Places discussed as potential sites were N. of Santa Cruz River, near Cundiyo

  2. Acquire denser network of gravity data (SAGE group can do this)
  3. Acquire high-resolution seismic data
  4. As part of geologic mapping and well logging, characterize Santa Fe Group in terms of composition, texture, and depositional environment.
  5. All hydrogeologic units need permeability/porosity data.
  6. Develop multi-purpose groundwater models at varying scales.
  7. Determine distribution of saturated volcanic aquifers and aquifers beneath the volcanics (such as Cerros del Rio volcanic field and the sediments beneath the field).
  8. Concentrate efforts in areas where land-use and/or well-permitting needs are most important.
  9. Determine which hydrotests are most important, such as spinner test, west bay multiple completion.

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