8th Annual Española Basin Workshop
March 3-4, 2009
Poster Session - List of Titles

Borchert, C.; McCoy, A.; and Finch, S. Impact of Buckman Wells 10-13 Production on Water Levels in the Buckman Well Field Area

Coblentz, D.; Cole, G.; and Jacobs, E. Expansion of the Pajarito Plateau Geologic Framework Model

Fabryka-Martin, J.; Simmons, A.; and Longmire, P. Data Reliability for Groundwater Monitoring Wells at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Grauch, V.J.S., Phillips, J.D., Koning, D.J., Johnson, P.S., and Bankey, V., Geophysical Interpretations of the Southern Española Basin, New Mexico, That Contribute to Understanding Its Hydrogeologic Framework

Jacobs, E.; Cole, G.; and Coblentz, D. Updated Geologic Framework Model of the Española Basin

Katzman, D; Broxton, D.; Vesselinov, V.; Vaniman, D.; Birdsell, K.; Fabryka-Marin, J.; and Longmire, P. Groundwater Monitoring Well Network Evaluations and Optimizing the Locations of Additional Monitoring Wells at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Koning, D.; Grauch, V.J.S.; Rodriguez, B.D. Cross Sections and Geologic Map for the Eastern Española Basin, Rio Grande Rift, North-Central New Mexico

Longmire, P.; Ding, M.; Rearick, M.; Vaniman, D.; and Katzman, D. Geochemical Processes Controlling Chromium Transport in the Vadose Zone and Regional Aquifer, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Manning, A.H., Ground-Water Temperature, Noble Gas, and Carbon Isotope Data from the Espanola Basin, New Mexico

Miller, T., and Vesselinov, V. Integrated Approach for 3D Geology Rendering, Numerical Meshing and Modeling for Flow and Transport Studies, Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico

Rodriguez, B.D. and Sawyer, D.A., Geophysical Constraints of Rio Grande Rift Structure and Stratigraphy based on Deep Resistivity Models and Regional Borehole Geophysical Rock Properties, Northern New Mexico

Thompson, R.A., Hudson, M.R., Minor, S.A., McIntosh, W.C., Miggins, D.P., and Grauch, V.J.S., The temporal and spatial association of faulting and volcanism in the Cerros del Rio volcanic field - Rio Grande rift, USA

Von Gonten, S. Petroleum Storage Tank Sites in the Española Basin and Risk to PVC Water Lines

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