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Bureau-supported Current Students

The 6 students listed below are currently being supported by the bureau, through our role as advisors or committee members, with financial resources, and/or with field logistical resources.

(In alphabetical order by last name. If there are corrections or additions that should be made to this list, please contact Nelia Dunbar.)

  1. Michael Berry

    PhD — (expected) 2020, NMT
    Coupled extensional landscape evolution and surface water hydrology modeling: machine learning approaches, general basin evolution and understanding the integration of the Rio Grande rift
    van Wijck, Axen, Cadol, Coblentz, Rinehart
  2. Morgan Nasholds

    Received Kottlowski Fellowship — current student

    Masters — (expected) 2020, New Mexico Tech
    Geochronology of post-caldera volcanism at Valles caldera.
    Zimmerer, Grapenthin
    Morgan received a Bachelor's of Science in Geology from the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR in 2017 and then worked for two months at the Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO) in Vancouver, WA and the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) on the Big Island of Hawaii. He began his Master's program at NMT in August 2018. His geochronologic work will be used to determine eruptive frequencies, repose intervals, constrain the duration of resurgence at Valles, and help refine the stratigraphic record. In addition to establishing new ages, volumetric assessment of the post-caldera domes will be used in conjunction with the ages to determine the eruptive flux of the Valles system over time.
  3. Marcus Silva

    Masters — 2018, Mineral Engineering, NMT
    Characterization, mineralogy and chemistry of mine wastes from mines in New Mexico
    McLemore, Mojtabai
    Marcus has a B.S. in Environmental Geology from the University of California, Santa Cruz
  4. Ashlynne Winton

    Masters — (expected) 2019, NMT
    The characterization of legacy uranium mines in New Mexico
    Walder, Chavez, Frey, Mojtabai
    Ashlynne has been hired by the New Mexico Environment Department.
  5. Fei (Esther) Xu

    Masters — 2018, NMT
    Modeling Focused Recharge Through Ephemeral Streams for the Entire Sate of New Mexico
    Newton, Phillips, Cadol
    Esther went on to pursue a PhD in the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins.
  6. William Zutah

    Masters — 2017, NMT
    Mineral Resources Evaluation and Environmental Impact Assessment Mines in the Rosedale District, Socorro County, New Mexico
    McLemore, Mojtabai, Chavez