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Rockin' Around New Mexico — Geology workshop for teachers

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July 10 - 12, 2019 — Socorro, NM

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The annual Rockin' Around New Mexico workshop is designed for teachers interested in expanding their knowledge about geoscience and natural hazards and this year is based out of the Socorro, New Mexico. During the workshop, the participants will have in-class and field instruction about the relationships between earthquakes, magma bodies, and faults in determining landscape dynamics and stability in New Mexico. Special environmental geology topics will include a continuation of our studies about the important relationship between hydrology and subsurface structural features, including sediments, faults, and fractures.

Our theme this year will be Water: past, present, and future. Teachers will collect real field data that will be used assess riparian recovery from the Tiffany Fire. In the field, teachers will assist measuring well-water-and relative surface water levels and in the classroom they will use collected and archived data to determine flow direction.

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