About the Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals

What is the Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals?

The first FGIM meeting was held in Columbus, Ohio in 1965 and organized by Dr. Robert L. Bates, Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Ohio State University. After the second meeting held in Bloomington, Indiana the following year, started the lasting relationship between the state geological societies and industry professionals.

The Forums focus has been on the geology of industrial minerals and to promote the knowledge and organization of mining, mineral processing, regulation and reclamation through the forum meetings, presentations and field trips.

Another great aspect of the Forum is the encouragement and involvement of upcoming geology or earth science students who have an interest in industrial minerals industry with the Robert L. Bates Memorial Scholarship.

Annual Forum Meeting

Each year, the Forum chair investigates an area of interest in industrial minerals among industry professionals and state agencies. An organization is then contacted to host a forum and the rest is history!

Questions regarding the Forum?
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