Robert Bates Memorial Scholarship — Nomination

Students must be nominated before they can apply for the Bates Memorial Scholarship. An advisor or a professional in the field of industrial minerals are good choices for nominators. Nominators are asked to fill out the Nomination Form (download below) detailing their assessment of the student.

Nomination Form available in: PDF or Docx format.

After nomination, students must provide a detailed application letter to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Questions regarding the scholarship can be directed to Tom Newman (as below).

Letters of application and support, as well as questions regarding the scholarship, should go to:

Robert L. Bates Memorial Scholarship Awards Committee
c/o Tom Newman

Chief Geologist 
Holcim Inc. 
1405 Parkwood Drive 
Ft Collins, CO 80525-1934 
Phone 706-534-1448