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Hydrogeology of the Questa Area


The issues are a gap in regional scientific information for deep and shallow, sediment-volcanic aquifers and surface waters in the Questa area; including sustainable sources of drinking water, sources of water to springs and streams that feed fisheries and discharge to the Rio Grande, the character of natural, background water quality, and possible impacts from mine-related waters. The expected products are impartial, regional hydrogeologic information for the groundwater and surface water systems which will support multiple local and state entities in the administration, conservation, and safe use of local and regional water resources.

Funded bythe Healy Foundation, the Aquifer Mapping Program, Bureau of Geology, and National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (STATEMAP)

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Paul Bauer, Senior Geologist


  1. Bauer, P.W.; Grauch, V.J.S.; Johnson, P.S.; Thompson, R.A.; Drenth, B.J.; Kelson, K.I., 2015, Geologic Cross Sections and Preliminary Geologic Map of the Questa Area, Taos County, New Mexico, New Mexico Bureau of Geology Mineral Resources, Open-file Report, v. 0578, pp. 15.

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