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Southern Taos Valley Hydrogeology


The southern Taos Valley, located southwest of the town of Taos, has been experiencing high growth over the last few decades. In order to address growing water needs in this region, Peggy Johnson, Dr. Paul Bauer, and Brigitte Felix, completed a technical report summarizing the local geology and hydrogeology. Data gathered for this study include geologic maps, well records, new groundwater level measurements and water quality samples, which were compiled with historical data and records. This research describes the important hydrostratigraphic units and aquifers in the region along with geologic/structural controls on groundwater flow. Observations of groundwater flow directions, changes in groundwater levels, distinct water quality and groundwater ages reflect the complex network of faults in the study area and its effects on groundwater.

Funding for this work is from Taos County, Healy Foundation and the Aquifer Mapping Program at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources..

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Paul Bauer, Senior Geologist


  1. Johnson, P.S.; Bauer, P.W.; Felix, B., 2016, Hydrogeologic investigation of the southern Taos Valley, Taos County, New Mexico, New Mexico Bureau of Geology Mineral Resources, Open-file Report, v. 0581, pp. 99.

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