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New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory

The New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory is currently staffed by four three-time employees. Drs. William C. McIntosh and Matthew T. Heizler are the co-directors of the laboratory. In addition to their duties at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology, Dr. McIntosh and Dr. Heizler coordinate the technical and scientific advancement of the laboratory. Professional grants procured for geochronological work at the NMGRL are managed by Drs. McIntosh and Heizler.

Lisa Peters keeps the laboratory running efficiently. Because many of the functions of the NMGRL are controlled by computers, the lab is capable of analyzing samples 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the job of Lisa to coordinate sample analyses so as to maximize sample throughput without neglecting data quality. Additional functions of the technical staff include sample preparation, correspondence with clientele and laboratory maintenance.