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Perlite Testing

Lab Manager - Dustin Baca

The Bureau of Geology provides perlite analyses for industry, government, and the public through the perlite laboratory, an applied-research and public-service facility. The lab tests both crude perlite and expanded perlite from many locations and deposits. The perlite laboratory is the only readily accessible perlite testing facility in the United States.

(Minimum of 3 samples preferred.)

Standard Test: (includes sample preparation):

  • Expansion (-50 +100 mesh feed at 1300°)
  • Expanded Density
  • Furnace Yield
  • Brightness
  • Sinkers

Additional Tests on expanded perlite samples:

  • Partial Sieve analyses (20, 100, pan)  
  • Full Sieve analyses (20,30,50,70,100,140,pan)

Please contact us to get current pricing and for questions regarding our lab.

New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources Perlite Lab
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
Phone: (575) 835-6105
Fax: (575) 835-6333