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X-ray Facility — Services

Our X-ray facility provides mineralogical and crystallographic analyses of solid materials by X-ray diffraction (XRD) in support of the research, educational, and public-service programs of the Bureau of Geology and New Mexico Tech. It also serves agencies and industries of New Mexico by providing analyses that cannot be obtained through commercial sources.  The facility provides both accurate quantitative analyses and rapid qualitative analyses.

Prices in effect from: October 2, 2017 to December 31, 2019

Service Code Description Standard Rate
XRD_ANL Material Analysis $10.00
XRD_CON Consultation time - research and development $100.00
XRD_HMT Hourly machine time $20.00
XRD_HSP Hand Sample Prep $5.00
XRD_MSP Mineral Separation Prep $40.00
XRD_REC Machine Reconfiguration $25.00
XRD_SAK Specialized spectral Analysis of Known phases $70.00
XRD_SAU Specialized spectral Analysis of Unknown phases $90.00
XRD_SSP Special Sample Prep/McCrone $15.00
XRD_TMA Trace Mineral Analysis $60.00

For more information about X-ray diffraction, please contact:

  • Virgil LuethSenior Mineralogist / Economic Geologist, Mineral Museum Director, XRD Laboratory Director
  • Kelsey McNamara — Mineral Museum Curator, XRD Laboratory Manager