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Search New Mexico Mineral Symposium Abstracts

The New Mexico Mineral Symposium has been an annual event since 1979 and provides a forum for both professionals and amateurs interested in mineralogy. Abstracts from past symposia are now available online and abstracts for future symposia can now be submitted via this website. Abstracts for past symposia have sometimes been very short, but a number of them are extended abstracts with figures, tables, and references. This extended abstract format is encouraged for future submissions.


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New Mexico Mineral Symposium
Socorro, NM
November 9-10, 2013

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Blue Ice to Frozen Blue: Two Finds of a Lifetime
Philip C. Simmons, p. 5.
Minerals of the Bagdad Copper mine
Barbara L. Muntyan, pp. 6-7.
New Mexico Spangolite
Ramon S. DeMark, pp. 8-9.
Arizona's Fabulous Sulfates
Les Presmyk, pp. 10-11.
Collecting New Mexico in the 1950s - Kelly and Juanita mines
Sherman P. Marsh, pp. 12-13.
The Brunton Pocket Transit
Jack Purson, p. 14.
The Amazing "kit" by James Bray - The Utlimate Mining Collectible?
Anthony Moon, p. 15.
Postcard Mysteries: Orogrande and Captain Ellen Jack
Jane Bardal, p. 16.
A San Juan Anatase Odyssey
Tom Rosemeyer, p. 17.
Collecting Thumbnail Minerals
Allan Young, p. 18.
A Cripple Creek Update: New Developments at the World's Greatest Gold Camp
Steven W Veatch, Timothy R. Brown, Carl R. Carnein, John M. Rakowski, Zachary J. Sepulveda, Ian m. Miller, Jenna M. Salvat, Luke Sattler, Theodore S. Reeves, Caleb Bickel, Hunter Bickel, and Blake L. Reher, pp. 19-21.
Mineralogy Along Northern Arizona's Route 66
Anna M. Domitrovic, pp. 22--24.
The Origin of Chalcedony Nodules from Southwest New Mexico and Southeast Arizona
Peter J. Modreski, pp. 25-26.
Microminerals near San Juan Peak in the San Mateo Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico
Ron Gibbs, p. 27.
Lost Mines and Legends in New Mexico
P. Chris Cowan, p. 28.