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Search New Mexico Mineral Symposium Abstracts

The New Mexico Mineral Symposium has been an annual event since 1979 and provides a forum for both professionals and amateurs interested in mineralogy. Abstracts from past symposia are now available online and abstracts for future symposia can now be submitted via this website. Abstracts for past symposia have sometimes been very short, but a number of them are extended abstracts with figures, tables, and references. This extended abstract format is encouraged for future submissions.


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New Mexico Mineral Symposium
Socorro, NM
November 13-15, 2015

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

The Famous Silver Mines of Kongsberg, Norway
Natalie N Brandes and Paul T Brandes, pp. 5-6.
A Comparison of Five Modern Gold Specimens - the Ibex Mine, Lake County, Colorado; Lokel Mine, Pershing County, Nevada, Eagles Nest Mine, Placer County, California, and the Colorado Quartz and Mockingbird Mines, Mariposa County, California
Robert B Cook, pp. 7-8.
Minerals of the Questa Moly Mine, Taos County, New Mexico
Ramon S DeMark and Tom Katonak, pp. 9-10.
Amazomite and Smoky Quartz Mining on the Smoky Hawk Claim, Teller County, Colorado
Joseph Dorris, pp. 11-12.
Why Would Anyone Collect Calcite? It's So Common
Terry E Huizing, pp. 13-15.
Mines, Minerals, and History of the Lordsburg Mining District, Hidalgo County, New Mexico
Fred Hurd, pp. 16-17.
Quartz Creek Pegmatite Field, Gunnison County, Colorado: Geology and Mineralogy
Mark I Jacobson, pp. 18-20.
Smithsonite and Other Secondary Zinc Minerals of the San Antonio Mine, Santa Eulailia District, Chihuahua, Mexico: Giving the Kelly Mine a Run for Its Money
Peter K.M. Megaw, pp. 21-22.
Arizona Gemstones With a Few From New Mexico
Wolfgang H.T. Mueller, p. 23.
Late 20th Century Wulfenite Collecting in the San Francisco Mine, Mexico
Tony L Potucek, pp. 24-25.
50 Shades of Blue - Arizona Style
Les Presmyk, pp. 26-31.
Mineralogy and Cultural History of the Naegi Pegmatite District, Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
John Rakovan, p. 32.
Memories of the San Juans - the 1970s
Tom Rosemeyer, p. 33.
Skarn Minerals of the Victorio Mountains, Luna County, New Mexico
Robert E Walstrom, p. 34.