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New Mexico Mineral Symposium
Socorro, NM
November 9-10, 2019

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

The New Mexico Mineral Symposium, a Forty-year Journey
Peter J. Modreski pp. 4-5.
Symposium keynote speakers 1979-2019
Arthur Montgomery
Raymond Grant p. 7.
Pseudomorphs of New Mexico What is a speudomorph? What pseudomorphs are found in New Mexico?
Phillip Simmons and Erin Delventhal p. 8.
The New Cornelia Mine, Ajo, Pima County, Arizona
Les Presmyk pp. 9-10.
Origin of "Chalcopyrite Disease" and other incurable sphalerite textures
John L. Lufkin and Paul Barton p. 11.
Arizona Prehnite: a new find
Barbara J. Muntyan pp. 12-14.
The Cresson Mine: the untold stories
Benjamin Hayden Elick and Steven Wade Veatch pp. 15-18.
Mineral adventures in the Keweenaw
Tom Rosemeyer p. 19.
Goldfield-Short but sweet!
Nathalie N. Brandes and Paul T. Brandes pp. 20-21.
The agates and geodes of northern Chihuahua and southern New Mexico
Brad L. Cross pp. 22-24.
Fluorescent calcite of southwest New Mexico: Ultraviolet colors to rival Franklin New Jersey
Bruce E. Cox p. 25.
Colombian emeralds and their "oily" heritage
Bruce E. Cox pp. 26-27.
New Mexico micro minerals- obscure, rare and aesthetic species
Ramon S. deMark, Michael Michayluk, and Thomas Katonak pp. 28-29.
The Blanchard Mine: the little mine that couldn't ore
Erin Delventhal pp. 30-31.
Aldrigeite und kellynoids von das Grube Kelly (Aldrigeite and kellynoids from the Kelly mine)
Klaus Duhrberger pp. 32-33.