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Record Attendance for 2018 NM Mineral Symposium

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Lynn Mager and Alan Perryman stand beside Alan's display at the NMBGMR Mineral Musem during the Friends of the Mineral Museum pre-Symposim get together.
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April Brunson and Kelly Luster display amazing NMBGMR publications at the Mineral Symposium.

— November 13, 2018

The symposium had a record attendance of 281 people, and was action-packed from the "Friends of the Museum" reception on Friday evening through the talks and banquet, through the silent auction on Sunday morning. The meeting featured 13 talks, a number of which focused on minerals in New Mexico. Virgil Lueth, our Mineral Museum Director, presented a talk on "Color Stability in Minerals".

The symposium helps support the mission of the musuem and $7700 to was raised through the "Friends of the Museum" memberships, and the Sunday morning silent auction. Museum and publication sales totaled over $6600, which helps us with new mineral aquisitions and publishing our research.