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Bureau awarded USGS funding for participation in the National Groundwater Monitoring Network

related image
New Mexico's water level monitoring sites (blue dots) and principal aquifers (shaded areas). This image is taken from the USGS National Groundwater Monitoring Network website, with link provided in text above.

— May 17, 2019

The Aquifer Mapping Program at the NM Bureau of Geology has recently been awarded a third year of a cooperative agreement with the USGS though the National Groundwater Monitoring Network . The NM Bureau of Geology, which joined the network in 2017, is one of many state surveys sharing data to this national program. Water level data that the Aquifer Mapping Program regularly collects is shared to a national portal to enable better access to groundwater data related to principal aquifers in the US. Water wells in this network must be measured at least annually and have specific well criteria available to be in the program. This new cooperative award includes funding to support persistent data service to the network and funding to help fill some data gaps on required well criteria.