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New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources highlighted in Water Foundation article

— July 9, 2019

The Water Foundation published an article in which the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and the recently passed Water Data Act (House Bill 651) are highlighted. HB 651, sponsored by Representatives Melanie A. Stansbury , Gail Armstrong, and Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, gives state agencies funding and technical support to standardize water data collection and create tools that help water managers get quick and easy access to information on water resources. The ultimate goal of this act is to make water data in New Mexico widely and easily available, in order to be able to better understand and manage our state's precious water resources. We are fortunate to have the support and guidance of the Internet of Water, who are technical team, housed at Duke University, who specialize in modern data management. We look forward to seeing this effort evolve and support water science throughout our state.