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Water Data Act Platform Up and Running

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New Mexico
— February 4, 2020

New Mexico’s water-related state agencies have been working hard to step up and build new connections for the Water Data Act (HB 651). We have re-defined collaboration in New Mexico - with leadership from Stacy Timmons at the Bureau of Geology, the Directing Agencies include the Interstate Stream Commission, Office of the State Engineer, New Mexico Environment Department, and Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department, and with support from Duke University’s Internet of Water, Sandia National Labs, and the University of New Mexico’s Earth Data Analysis Center. Through agency-to-agency collaborations, we have been working to create a state data service using an open source platform. According to legislation, these Directing Agencies were asked to set up a data platform by January 1, 2020 – AND WE DID.

The IoW-New Mexico Water Data Initiative: Partners for Progress video shows how collaborative work over the last six months launched the data platform.

Over the coming years, some of the next steps include growing our data inventory, developing integrated datasets, and developing tools to help water managers use these data to support decision-making. The initial site is set up at

Funding for the water data act at NMBGMR is currently provided by legislative funds and the Healy Foundation. This fund is open to contributions from gifts, grants or donations.

Contact Stacy Timmons at for more information.