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New hires appointed to adjunct positions with E&ES

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Socorro, NM
— July 24, 2020

Newly hired members of the Mapping Program Dr. Kevin Hobbs and Dr. Jacob Thacker received adjunct appointments in the Earth and Environmental Science Department (E&ES) at New Mexico Tech.

Dr. Hobbs is a surficial geologic mapper who specializes in Cenozoic geology (65 million years ago to present time), soil formation processes, paleoclimate, sedimentology and tectonics.

Dr. Thacker is a bedrock geologic mapper who specializes in the timing and formation of tectonic events, particularly the Laramide orogeny across the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau, and deformation in the Lower Colorado River corridor related to the San Andreas Fault.

They join many current and emeritus Bureau staff members with E&ES adjunct appointments.

Current staff members with E&ES adjunct positions include Dr. Nelia Dunbar, Bonnie Frey, Dr. Matthew Heizler, Dr. Shari Kelley, Daniel Koning, Dr. Lewis Land, Dr. Virgil Lueth, Dr. Virginia McLemore, Dr. Talon Newton, Dr. Jake Ross, Dr. J. Michael Timmons, and Dr. Matthew Zimmerer.

Emeritus Bureau staff with E&ES adjunct appointments are Dr. Paul Bauer, Ron Broadhead, Dr. Steven Cather, Dr. Richard Chamberlin, Dr. Charles Chapin, Dr. John Hawley, and Dr. David Love.