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Bureau Students win New Mexico Geological Society Awards

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— May 3, 2021

Five Bureau-supported students, Tyler Cantrell, Haley Dietz, Ethan Haft, Nico Harrison, and Evan Owen, have won New Mexico Geological Society competitive awards in recognition of their New-Mexico-focused research projects. Dietz, Haft and Harrison are NMT undergraduates, whereas Cantrell and Owen are pursuing MS degrees. The awards were announced at the New Mexico Geological Society spring meeting. Cantrell, Haft, Harrison and Owen each won NMGS "grants-in-aid" based on research proposals. Dietz won the the "Best Poster Award" for her presentation at the spring meeting. Their research topics are listed below:

Tyler Cantrell- Improvements of ultra-high precision sanidine dating towards a better understanding of the temporal evolution of New Mexico volcanism

Haley Dietz - Geochemistry of the U-Th-REE mineralized Tajo granite, Socorro County, New Mexico

Ethan Haft - Comparing extension-related rare earth element deposits: Oligocene Gallinas fluorite veins and Cambrian-Ordovician Lemitar carbonatites

Nico Harrison - A study of Abandoned Mine Lands in New Mexico

Evan Owen - Geochemistry, Mineral Paragenesis, and Alteration Vectoring of REE-(Cu)-F Bearing Veins and Breccias in the Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico

Dietz and Haft are also both recipients of the New Mexico Bureau of Geology "Bright Star" scholarship.