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Rockin' Around New Mexico

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Rockin' 2015

Socorro and Magdalena, New mexico
— July 15, 2015

Rockin’Around New Mexico, a geology workshop for K-12 teachers was held in Socorro on July 8-10, 2015. The 26 participants received instruction on the hydrogeology of the Magdalena area and its role in the 2013 municipal well water shortage. Several field trip stops included discussions about precipitation, surface runoff, and infiltration as it impacts aquifer recharge. Teachers also learned that the extensive faulting and fracturing in Magdalena and the surrounding area complicates groundwater flow and plays a role in rapid well depletion in high demand situations, which was the case during the recent Magdalena water shortage. On the campus of New Mexico Tech, teachers visited a watershed study site where surface water runoff, infiltration, and erosion rates are being measured. A presentation on the structural significance of the rift-bounding La Jencia fault near Magdalena included information on recent earthquakes that were felt in the Socorro (2014) and Magdalena (2013) areas. After an update on the recovery following the 2011 Christ Church, New Zealand earthquake, teachers practiced the Drop, Cover and Hold On! earthquake safety drill.

This workshop was sponsored by New Mexico Bureau of Geology which supplied instructors and in-kind support. Funding for materials and travel was provided through a sub-grant with the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security Emergency Management. New Mexico Mining Association provided lunches for all participants. The field trip to Magdalena was hosted by the Village of Magdalena.