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Nelia Dunbar featured in NOVA program "Killer Volcanoes"

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Nelia Dunbar in Antarctica

— October 25, 2017

The program aired at 8pm on October 25 on NMPBS 5.1 (KNME) and is now available online.

Nelia Dunbar is the Director of the Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources and acts as the State Geologist for New Mexico. She specializes in geochemistry and volcanology and also worked on another KNME documentary "Sleeping Monsters, Sacred Fires: Volcanoes of New Mexico". More information about the "Killer Volcanoes" program is available from the NOVA site and from an Albuquerque Journal article.

From the program description:

NOVA follows a team of volcano sleuths as they embark on a worldwide hunt for an elusive volcanic mega-eruption that plunged medieval Earth into a deep freeze. They look for the signature of a volcanic eruption big enough to have blasted a huge cloud of ash and sulfuric acid into the atmosphere, which chilled the entire planet. Across the globe, it turned summer into winter.