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GM-59—Geology of South Peak Quadrangle, Luna County, New Mexico

By R. E. Clemons, 1985, lat 32°00' to 32°07'30", long 107°37'30" to 107°45', 3 sheets with text, scale 1:24,000.

map image

South Peak quadrangle is one of four conterminous 7½-minute quadrangles mapped in the Florida Mountains in east-central Luna County. GM-59 is the fourth phase of a comprehensive geologic and mineral-resource investigation of the Florida Mountains. It is preceded in publication by GM-52, Geology of the Florida Gap quadrangle, GM-56, Geology of the Capitol Dome quadrangle, and GM-58, Geology of the Gym Peak quadrangle. A comprehensive layout is found in Memoir 43.

South Peak quadrangle is in east-central Luna County, approximately 12 mi southeast of Deming. Good access to the base of the Florida Mountains is provided by gravel roads and jeep trails leading eastward from NM-11, which crosses the southeast part of the quadrangle about midway between Deming and Columbus. The Nathan Crawford Ranch headquarters and several permanent dwellings are in the north-central to northwest parts of the quadrangle.

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