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NMBGMR Geologic Mapping Program
Open-File Geologic Map Series:
Geology of the Cerro Conejo (Sky Village NE) 7.5-minute quadrangle

by Koning, D. J.; Pederson, J.; Pazzaglia, F. J.; Cather, S. M

last revised:

OF-GM 45

scale 1:24,000

NOTE: This map has not been released because of several outstanding issues that have yet to be resolved.

Much of the work on this map was incorporated into Open-File Report 496: Preliminary Geologic Map of the Albuquerque–Rio Rancho Metropolitan Area & Vicinity, Bernalillo & Sandoval Counties, New Mexico. Revisions to this quadrangle that were a result of this compilation effort need to be applied to the quadrangle before the map can be released as a stand-alone product.


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These open-file maps are subject to frequent revisions and are released as provisional products. Map publication dates show the time of initial compilation while map revision dates, when given, indicate when the map was last revised. Please check our site to make sure you have the most recent version of any of these maps and please include this revision date (in parentheses perhaps) in any citation. Sometimes maps may become temporatily unavailable during extensive revision.

Please direct comments or requests regarding these maps to either the map authors or the Geologic Mapping Program Manager.

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