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Bulletin 61—Lexicon of New Mexico geologic names: PreCambrian through Paleozoic

By H. L. Jicha, Jr. and C. Lochman-Balk, 1958, 137 pp, 1 appendix.

Acceleration of geologic work in NM has emphasized the need for an up-to-date lexicon of published geologic names used in the state. The preparation of such a lexicon was initiated in 1956 with the publication of names from the Precambrian through the Devonian eras (Circular 40). The listing is now extended to embrace the Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, and Permian periods. The material presented in Circular 50 has been incorporated in the new compilation. Thus, the present bulletin provides coverage of all geologic names used in publications on NM geology from the Precambrian through the Permian.

The publication of this lexicon has been a cooperative undertaking. In general, the pattern adopted by Wilmarth has been followed. Names in boldface are those currently used by the U.S. Geological Survey. Names that have been accepted by the USGS but have not been extended into NM by Survey geologists are designated with an asterisk. Names that have been either abandoned by the authors or rejected by the USGS are designated with a dagger. Names that are recommended to be suppressed are marked with a double dagger. County names and other locality designations mentioned seldom indicate the exact geographic distribution of the unit described; they serve, however, as clues to the part of the state in which the unit occurs.

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