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Circular 119—Bibliography of geophysics for New Mexico through 1970

By D. J. Cash, 1971, 27 pp., 7 figs., 3 indices.

This report is organized into four sections: (1) the bibliography itself consisting of 108 citations, (2) a Subject Index, (3) an Author Index, and (4) a Map Index. Each entry in the bibliography is assigned a reference number. The Map Index consists of six maps of NM, one for each type of geophysical exploration: electrical, gravity, magnetic, radioactivity, seismic, and thermal. The publications listed range widely in importance and detail. For example, some investigations were carried out over small areas in great detail, while others were reconnaissance of a large area, or were summaries and/or extrapolations of earlier work. Also, some publications, especially those in major journals, contained only minor data on NM. An attempt was made to include all publications concerning geophysical studies in the state of New Mexico through 1970. Recent literature, not receiving wide attention, or omitted from Geophysical Abstracts could have been missed. One significant source could not be included, namely, the confidential files of private industry.

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