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Circular 195—Contributions to Late Cretaceous paleontology and stratigraphy of New Mexico—Part I

Compiled by D. L. Wolberg, 1985, 79 pp., 5 tables, 49 figs. Companion to Circulars 180, 185, and Bulletins 114 and 122.


First in a series of circulars devoted to the paleontology and stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous (chiefly the Turonian–Maastrichtian interval) of New Mexico and adjoining states. Upper Cretaceous rocks in New Mexico and adjoining states contain very significant reserves of coal and, potentially, of hydrocarbons. In addition, Upper Cretaceous deposits have provided resources such as "clinker" for road mettle and calcium carbonate for lime. The papers in this circular cover two topical areas-Upper Cretaceous stratigraphy and depositional environments in the San Juan Basin, and Cretaceous selachians. The papers in this volume include: Selachians from the Atarque Sandstone Member of the Tres Hermanos Formation (Late Cretaceous: Turonian), Sevilleta Grant near La Joya, Socorro County, New Mexico; Shark vertebrae from the Upper Cretaceous Pierra Shale, northeastern New Mexico; Depositional environments and paleontology of Lewis Shale to lower Kirtland Shale sequence (Upper Cretaceous), Bisti area, northwestern New Mexico; and Depositional environments of the Naashoibito Member of the Kirtland Shale, Upper Cretaceous, San Juan Basin, New Mexico.

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