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Circular 56—Geologic research in New Mexico during 1959

By F. E. Kottlowski, 1960, 44 pp., 3 indices.

Geologic research projects pursued in New Mexico during 1959 totaled (with considerable grouping) 189, involving 159 workers and 41 organizations. Areal geologic mapping and ground-water studies led with 35 projects each, followed by stratigraphic investigations, and studies of metallic deposits. The northwestern quarter of the state was the most intensively studied, followed in order by the southwestern, southeastern, and northeastern quarters. Of the 159 geologists reporting, 79 were based within New Mexico, and 80 came from areas as far away as California and New York; the largest of these out-of-state workers were the Federal employees from Denver. As shown by a survey of the major geologic journals, this geologic research resulted in at least 87 papers and 44 abstracts relating to facets of New Mexico geology.

This up-to-date compilation of geologic research "in process" in NM is a response to many requests. Questionnaires sent throughout the state and nation were generously and promptly returned, literally by the hundreds. All facts and figures are due to the individuals and organizations that responded so adequately. Some research workers may not have been included in the survey, but this oversight was not intentional-with numerous agencies and individuals working in NM, based in places from California to New York, and from Denver to Mexico City, obviously someone may have been overlooked.
Among the responses some research projects in mining technology and other fields not closely related to geologic research were listed. To have covered the various nongeologic fields of research relating to mining and mineral resources would have required another new series of questionnaires and would have been beyond the scope and emphasis of this compilation; thus only geologic and closely related research are noted.

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