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Circular 99 — Chemical Mining – A Study of Leaching Agents

By P. H. Johnson and R. B. Bhappu, 1969, 12 pages.

Chemical mining may be defined as the in-place extraction of metal values from ores located within the confines of a mine (that is, broken or fractured ore, stope fill, caved material, or ores in permeable zones) or ores located in dumps, prepared ore heaps, or tailing ponds. The term solution mining has, in general, been used to mean the in-place dissolution of water-soluble mineral salts with leach solutions.

Chemical mining is presently in its embryonic stage. Basic research needs to be done to understand the influence of physical and chemical factors in chemical mining, and applied research needs to be done on both a small and a large scale to develop practical techniques of field practice.

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