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Open-file Reports

Find an Open-file Report: (Also see listings by Recent Reports, Title, Author, and Report Number.)


Note: These reports are easier to browse from the Open-file search page. The report listing shown below is being maintained only for compatibility with previously published URLs.

If you choose to download particularly large file from this page, you may want to save the file directly to disk to minimize browser crashes or lockups (for most browsers: right-click, then 'save link as' or 'save target as").

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSize
[DIR]Parent Directory  -
[DIR]papers/21-Jul-2015 17:38 -
[   ]ofr_454A.pdf06-Nov-2008 10:54 5.0M
[   ]ofr_454B.pdf06-Nov-2008 10:56 5.7M
[   ]ofr_454c-d.pdf06-Nov-2008 10:58 6.9M
[TXT]ReadMe.html21-Nov-2014 09:56 24K
[TXT]ReadMe.txt15-Apr-2008 15:16 6.1K

Most of the Open-file Reports are single PDF files and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view. However some reports were intended to be distributed as CD-ROMs. In those cases, the report may not function as expected or may fail altogether if the entire contents of the report are not downloaded. Most reports intended to run from CD-ROM should function from any directory on a hard-disk.

Note: Not all features of some Open-File Reports intended to run from a CD-ROM will function on Mac or Linux systems.