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Lite Geology — Current Issue

Issue: 42, 2018 14.7 MB

In the Latest Issue:

Earth Briefs: The Detrital Zircon Revolution
Shari A. Kelly
Calcite, the Crystalline Chameleon
Virgil W. Lueth
Calcite in the Rock Record
Kelsey McNamara
Calcite in the Metamorphic and Hydrothermal Record
Virgil W. Lueth
Why is Marble Used in Statuary?, Hydrothermal Deposits—Calcite in Hot Water, Calcite in the Igneous Record
Virgil W. Lueth and Matt Zimmerer
New Mexico’s Enchanted Geology
Maureen Wilks
Earth Science Technology Review: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Andy Jochems
Through the Hand Lens: Education Outreach Program Changes
Cynthia Connolly

Free Download 14.7 MB

Lite Geology was first published in the fall of 1992. Each issue includes articles and classroom activities, plus regular features, teachers' resources, web links, and upcoming geological and scientific events.

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