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The Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network

The Aquifer Mapping Program at New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR), with funding from Healy Foundation, is developing a statewide Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network for New Mexico. This voluntary Network will gather new and existing data on groundwater levels to help us understand how our state's groundwater resources are changing through time, promote increased awareness of water issues around New Mexico, and provide an important foundation for making informed water-management decisions.

Data in the Network will supplement the groundwater level monitoring efforts already underway, fill data gaps in regions of the state with limited data, fill a need for more frequent measurements, and aid in aquifer mapping efforts.

Wells from current participants in the CGMN. Zoom in and click a well to see more information. You can also toggle the basemap between topography and imagery.


There are two ways to volunteer: (1) through data sharing or (2) well sharing:

  • Data sharing is available to well owners, water systems and small monitoring networks that are willing to collect accurate water levels or are already doing so and would like to provide those measurements to the Network. This can be done through the Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network Data Portal, or by providing paper records to NMBGMR. In some instances, NMBGMR will be available to meet with data collaborators to provide training. Training for water systems will be available in conjunction with the New Mexico Rural Water Association (NMRWA).
  • The well sharing option is available to wells within priority areas that can be equipped with continuous monitoring equipment or monitored manually. To determine if a well would be appropriate for well sharing please contact Stacy Timmonsf with the NMBGMR (see below).

Data from the Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network may be made publicly available through the our interactive map portal, but no proprietary or personal information — like names, addresses, or phone numbers — will be shared via the portal. Data from specific wells will be processed to show regional trends of water level changes through time due to seasonal fluctuations, effects from pumping, or groundwater changes due to land use modifications or climate change.

In arid New Mexico, we need all the information we can get on our limited groundwater resources. Help New Mexicans be a more informed about water — our most precious resource.

Contact us for more information!
Stacy Timmons — Aquifer Mapping Program Manager, (575)-835-6951

Download flyer with above information
See article by Stacy Timmons in Agua de Nuevo Mexico, the newsletter of the NM Rural Water Association