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Leo Gabaldon

Leo Galbadon
Cartographer II
New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
(505) OfficePh
(575) 835-6333 fax

Leo Gabaldon is a Senior Cartographer at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources at New Mexico Tech. He is involved with the production of manual and computer art for bureau publications. He develops maps and graphic art pieces for publication in print and on the web. Leo also deals with the scanning, color correction and cleanup of photos and slides. His photographs have been used as covers on New Mexico Geology. He produces illustrations of stratigraphy, lithography, and cross-sections for maps. Leo trains and teaches staff to maintain quality control for graphics. He is also responsible for the mounting and display of posters. Mr. Gabaldon also creates concept art like the development of an oreodant, for example, whose fossils remains were found here in New Mexico at the Bosque Del Apache.

Some of the bureau publications Leo has produced illustrations for include:


Personal Artwork by Leo Gabaldon