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Marshall Reiter

Emeritus — Principal Senior Geophysicist
New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone-(575) 835-5306


  • Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1969, Geophysics
  • B.S. University of Pittsburgh, 1965, Physics Honors

Research Specialties and Interests

  • Geothermal Studies; applied to hydrology- estimating rates of groundwater flow, defining horizontal and vertical groundwater flow components, locating controlling geological features of groundwater flow patterns, estimating arroyo and regional recharge, applying remote sensing to groundwater studies ; applied to geothermal systems- locating geothermal reservoirs ; applied to climatic change- investigate possible climatic change in New Mexico from vadose zone temperatures.
  • Rock and Earthquake Mechanics: determine stresses in fault asperities, estimate failure processes for earthquakes.

Full CV

Recent Publications

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  1. Reiter, M., 2014, Heat Flow Data in the Four Corners area suggest Neogene crustal warming resulting from partial lithosphere replacement in the Colorado Plateau interior, southwest USA, GSA Bulletin; v. 126; no. 7/8; p. 1084-1092; doi:10.1130B30951.1.
  2. Reiter, M., and Chamberlin, R.M., 2011, Alternative perspectives of crustal and upper mantle phenomena along the Rio grande rift, GSA Today, v. 21, no. 2, p. 4-9, doi: 10.1130/GSATG79AR.
  3. Reiter, M., Chamberlin, R.M., and Love, D.W., 2010, New data reflect on the themal antiquity of the Socorro magma body locale, Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico, Lithosphere, v 2, no 6, p. 477-453, doi: 10.1130/L115.1.
  4. Reiter, M., 2009, Heat-flow anomalies crossing New Mexico along La Ristra seismic profile, Lithosphere, v.1, no. 2, 88-94.
  5. Reiter, M., 2009, Fluid flow estimates in molybdenum mine rock piles using borehole temperature logs, Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, v. XV, no.3, 175- 195.
  6. Love, D.W., McCraw, D.J., Chamberlin, R.M., Reiter, M., Connell, S.D., Cather, S.M., and Majkowski, 2009, Progress report on tracking terraces across the uplift of the Socorro Magma Body, New Mexico Geological Society 60th Field Conference, 415-424.
  7. Reiter, M., 2008, Geothermal anomalies in the crust and upper mantle along Southern Rocky Mountain transitions, Geol. Society America Bulletin, v.120; no ¾; p. 431-441;:doi:10.1130/B26198.
  8. Reiter, M. 2007, Variability of recent ground surface temperature changes in the Albuquerque basin, central New Mexico, J. Geophysical Research, vol. 112, D2407, doi:10.1029/2006JD008215, 9pp.
  9. Reiter, M. 2007, Geophysical studies relating to the geothermal source of the Valles Caldera, north-central New Mexico, 58^th NMGS Fall Field Conference, p.78-80.


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