3rd Annual Española Basin Workshop
Geology and Hydrology of the Española Basin
March 2-3, 2004     Santa Fe, NM

Theme Sessions for the 3rd Annual Española Workshop

As a follow-up to discussion groups from the first two Española basin workshops, EBTAG is developing a list of critical activities/data needs for better understanding the hydrogeologic framework in the Española basin. With this list, we hope to identify common priorities for needed work in order to successfully meet the diversity of problems to be addressed in the basin. As part of the feedback process, we plan to hold a full day of talks and posters on Wednesday to highlight work that is currently addressing these common needs in terms of five themes (below), followed by discussion sessions. The theme sessions will be in addition to the regular poster session on Tuesday afternoon. Speakers and poster presenters for the theme sessions will be invited and selected from the abstracts submitted to the workshop, based on which abstracts present work that meets a number of needs or presents a wide range of benefits.

Theme 1. Basic Water Data

Collection and organization of fundamental water data, including:

Theme 2. Water Quality

Understanding natural and anthropogenic impacts to water quality

Theme 3. 3D Hydrogeological Architecture

Multi-disciplinary approaches (geologic, geophysical, geochemical, hydrologic, and modeling) for delineation of 3-D basin architecture and groundwater flow paths, including:

Theme 4. Water Balance and Stream/Aquifer Interaction

Data needs and studies for determining watershed- or local-scale water balance and evaluation of groundwater impacts, including:

Theme 5. Data Integration and Model Hypothesis Testing

Needs for new software and techniques to help integrate and interpret multi-disciplinary data sets, incorporate physical data into conceptual, analytical and/or numerical models, and hypothesis testing using models.

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